When you think about giving up… think of how far you have come

It’s ironic…

We are surrounded by incredibly deep and inspirational quotes, motivational speeches, and many thought leaders on self improvement…

When you think about giving up think of how far you have come - self improvement tips self improvement quotes

Yet at times we fail to see all of that, and all we see are the seemingly impossible challenges that face us.

At times we want to give up – whatever the reason may be. We feel that we won’t be able to achieve our goals.

And at times we want to walk away (not quit) because we feel there is nothing more to gain.

A few weeks ago, I started looking at this blog – critically.

It felt like it wasn’t really going anywhere. Yes, the blog is getting some visitors, but considering the hundreds of hours that went into it, and into promoting it, that’s not good enough.

Originally, I had a vision for this blog – but due to physical circumstances/events (which are impossible to deny/change, in this case), that vision can no longer be attained.

In the absence of that, the question arises:

Where is this going to? Is this going to be a hobby blog, or can there still be an exchange of value somewhere down the line, with some rewards for my efforts?

After all, I created a product back in April this year – and so far there are no buyers (even though everyone who got a complimentary copy was impressed).


Not that may visitors, no customers, and no final aim.

When you think about giving up think of how far you have come - self improvement tips self improvement quotesWhat’s the point?

(after all, I do have other options, and a brain full of ideas – but I lack the time to indulge in everything at once.)


I started doing research about selling the blog. I figured that I could, at the very least, have SOME compensation for the time and effort I put in.

(ok, maybe like 10% of what the actual amount of time was worth…:)

And as part of the process, I had to collect data about the blog that would matter to prospective buyers:

Google Page rank.
Domain authority.
Visitor stats.
Social accounts.

I was in for a surprise…

Those figures looked quite a bit better than I thought.

I have come a long way. My efforts were not in vain – their results were quietly compounding in the background. The work I did over the past year was bringing me closer to having a blog worth having – even though I didn’t see it.

Almost like the miner who gave up, not knowing how close he was to striking gold…

Fortunately for me, I was able to see (he couldn’t).

So I figured:

If this blog is worth buying…

Then it’s worth keeping.

Maybe the tree needs to grow a little more before it starts bearing fruit – but that does not make the tree worthless. it just needs more time and effort.


The next time you feel like giving up or walking away from any goal…

Look back on what you have done, and how far you have come.

You may very well reconsider your position.

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