Why you should Simplify, Simplify, Simplify – Your whole life

In today’s world driven by consumerism, finding balance in your life is more difficult than ever. There is just sooo much to do and sooo much to have…

And we want it all.


Like kids in a candy store – literally.

It seems most people are just collecting stuff, and “doing more things” that tickle their fancy – which leads to a very busy, very crowded life.

Yes, it can be amazing. But what happens if this is your lifestyle of choice?

Firstly, if you keep on collecting “stuff”, you will eventually end up not using some of it. if you keep on collecting stuff past that point, you will end up with a lot of stuff you don’t use, and some stuff you rarely use.

You will become a collector.

Being a collector isn’t necessarily bad – as long as what you collect has value (not in terms of money, but value to you as a person). Things like works of art and books can be inspiring simply by being able to view, touch and read them at your convenience.

But there is also the other side of the coin…

Collecting “stuff”. You know – gadgets and novelties and more clothes than you can wear and more funriture than you can use and more cars than you can drive and…

You get the picture.

Why you should simplify your life - simplify simplify simplifyBut what happens when the novelty of “collecting stuff” wears off?

After all, it’s only material stuff. Having six cell phones and four tablets and three laptops and seven cars and three lounges and two swimming pools and fifty dresses and forty pairs of shoes and two garages full of “stuff” doesn’t do much for your soul.

Except maybe help you to ease some insecurities…:)

Are you going to keep looking for “stuff” to buy for the rest of your life? Stuff that you will never use again after the first week?

Is that really all your life is about?

That brings me to the second point…

Having too much going on in your life will leave you out of touch with yourself.

Ok, that may sound stupid – but allow me to explain:

If you are constantly busy with activities, even if they are mostly fun activities, one word stands out:


If you are “always busy”, when will you be able to “stop and smell the roses”?

If you are “always busy”, when do you ever stop to think about what you want out of life, and what really matters to you?

You cannot clean your car, or do any repairs or servicing, while you’re driving it.

The same goes for yourself. We need to slow down from time to time. We need to re-connect with our inner self. We need to re-connect with what really matters.

If not, you have created a rat race for yourself – even if it is an enjoyable one.

The solution?




Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add – but when there is nothing more to take away.

Stop. Enjoy the silence. And decide what really contributes value to your life. Decide what really MATTERS to YOU.

And let go of the rest.

Think of it like this:

You are trying to listen to your favorite piece of music…

But there’s a lot of noise in the background.

Even if you turn up the volume, the experience will still not be the same as what you would hear if the noise was gone.

So get rid of the “noise” in your life.

Just keep the music.

And note the difference.