Our modern day lives are oh so fragile…

In most respects, modern day life is better than life has even been in the past. We have a better life expectancy than ever before, and we know more about the human body than ever before. Between technology and engineering, life is easier than it has ever been before.

But there is a dark side to it…

Our way of life has become very fragile.

Allow me to explain:

Firstly, our modern day lives have become incredibly complex. Compared to say, thirty years ago, our current way of life is a maze – made up of social media, apps, amazing stuff on the internet, and of course, the relatively new “internet of things”.

While this affords us the ability to live pretty amazing lives, the complexity of our modern day way of life also means that it has one inherent weakness:

It is fragile.

There is just soooo many things that can go wrong. Between computer viruses, hackers and complex software that just breaks down from time to time, all of which affect so many different aspects of our lives…

There is a LOT that can go wrong.

And any of those things that go wrong can cause major headaches – like someone close to me found out yesterday when her Facebook account was hijacked. Her whole business depends on Facebook – so not being able to access it has basically killed her income – until such time as she can regain control over her account.

The point I’m trying to make is, due to the complexity of it all, one thing that goes wrong can affect a number of other things. Your social media accounts, your phone, your computer, your bank account, and a load of other stuff is all inter-connected.

Like dominoes…

Scary thought – especially when you take into account that you have very little control over any of it.

Our modern day lives are oh so fragile… - self improvement thoughtsSecondly, the complexity of our lives has also created a threat to our health – even though we know so much about healthy living at present.

We are faced with pollution, global warming, genetically modified foods, residues of pesticides in the air, water and food, exposure to high levels of electromagnetic emissions, and ridiculous levels of stress.

This in turn has increased the risk for a multitude of illnesses…

Lastly, the complexity of our modern lives also left us in a position where we have to compete with all of the other “stuff” for both the attention and affection of others.

You have to compete with smartphones and a gazillion apps, gaming consoles and computer games, a multitude of social media sites, and the resulting continuous intrusions….

That, in turn, has left our personal lives vulnerable – because it is just a lot easier to “go an have fun” than it is to work on our relationships, or deal with personal issues.

Not to mention the fact that our “constant availability” leads to chronic intrusions into our personal time…

But that’s a discussion for another day.

The bottom line is this:

Our modern day lives have – in most cases – been crafted around the availability of connecting tools, and the availability of things that make our lives easier.

In the process, we seem to have lost sight of the things that really matter…

And since all of the stuff we use is controlled and maintained by other people, and any failure or hack can have a devastating effect…

It seems that most people live elaborately (dis-)connected, fragile lives.

I may be wrong, but…

Maybe it’s time to simplify – and focus on what really matters to YOU.

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