Although I make some of my income from writing and selling my own products, I sometimes write about things that have affiliate programs attached to them. As such, in some cases, an outgoing link will lead to a product or service for which I may be compensated if you decide to buy the product or make use of the service.

In some cases it’s simply because a product or service would fit in well with what I wrote, and on the odd occasion it might be a review. All reviews, however, are objective and UN-biased – I don’t hand out glowing reviews just to get people to buy things.

Although I don’t normally use affiliate links in emails, you will find that my emails often lead you to pages where a product or service is offered after the content (article, video, or infographic).

Although I do enjoy writing about all things related to self improvement, this blogs demands a lot of time – in terms of content, product creation, social promotion ans search engine optimization. While I don’t expect to get rich from running this blog, the amount of time it requires means that it would be senseless to do it all without some form of financial gain. After all, every hour I work on this blog is one hour less i could have worked on someone else project, and earned money for doing so.

As such, I don’t expect that you will begrudge me the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars – but you do (legally and ethically) have the right to know.

All the best