About me

Despite having been a student of various concepts and principles of self improvement and personal growth for many years, I was never able to connect the dots and make it work for me – until recently.

After years of studying theory, lacking the funds to acquire a mentor, and struggling with my weaknesses, things have slowly started falling into place…

Your host – Peter Prins

And no, that doesn’t make me a guru. It doesn’t even make me a teacher – not by a long shot. However, it does enable me to share with you what worked for me and what didn’t, and why.

At the time of starting this blog, I still have a long way to go before my life resembles what I’d like it to be – but I’m also finding myself further and further away from where I was the year before.

Just as well – I was in a bad space back then.

So – this blog isn’t really a diary or a day by day journal, but it reflects my thoughts, opinions and experiences on my journey towards success; a journey that takes me further and further away from who I was, and closer to what I hope to become.

Join me on a journey to a better self – a journey from the depths of despair and self doubt, undertaken with relentless persistence, towards inevitable success.

As they say in Africa…

If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together.

I’m on my way away from the darkness of yesterday, towards a better tomorrow. This time around, I’m prepared for the journey.

Are you perhaps traveling in the same direction?

To YOUR Success

Peter Prins