7 steps to change your life

Many, many people are unhappy with their lives – or with specific things in their lives. But most of them simply end up being sick and tired all the time. While there is quite a lot to changing your life, or things in your life, these basic 7 steps should get you started – refinements can come along the way.

In future posts, I’ll try to get into more detail on each of these – but these are the broad basic steps to change your life:

1. Mindset

As long as you are content with being unhappy, you will be unhappy. Many people complain about their circumstances, but they have actually accepted that their lives are beyond their control. They wish for better days, but never really believe they can make it.

Your first step is to stop wishing, stop complaining, and decide that you are going to move towards a better life, no matter how slowly, or what it takes.

2. Combat negativity

Be mindful of negative thoughts. They will arise from time to time, but don’t entertain them. It isn’t good for retaining your mindset. The longer yo dwell on negative thoughts, the more it eats into your self confidence and your resolve to create a better life.

Make a deliberate effort to indulge in activities that will elevate your mood every day – even if you just watch a few funny video clips on Youtube.

3. Decide how you want your life to be

There is an old expression among goal setters – “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”. Fair enough, the minute details can change along the way – but get a basic idea in your mind of the life you want out of life. If your ultimate aim seems too spectacular, set intermediate goals that you can work towards. That way, if it takes a long time before you reach your ultimate goal, you won’t get discouraged along the way – because you are already achieving things you wanted.

4. Define the steps you have to take

While we may all want similar things in life (health, wealth and happiness), we are all starting from a completely different space due to our uniqueness. We all have different capabilities, challenges, circumstances, environments and personalities. Decide which steps YOU have to take to get where you want – your “mini-goals”.

7 steps to change your life - the basic steps you need to do in order to live the life you really want5. Define the challenges in your way

Make a list of all the challenges you may face – physical, emotional, financial, etc. What can arise, or already exists, that can hamper the execution of your plans. These include challenges in your environment, circumstances, required resources, your personality traits, etc.

6. Plan for them

For each of these challenges, devise a plan to deal with it. Some of them you will simply handle as they come, some of them you can side-step through careful planning, and some of them may become intermediate goals by themselves.

Note: Don’t be discouraged if you have to take on intermediate goals in order to be able to embrk on your main goal. Always remember that even though it might take longer than you would have hoped, every day can still bring you closer to where you want to be. On the other hand, if you allow it to put you off, you will remain exactly where you are – and in ten years’ time you will probably still be in the same space as you are today.

7. Identify the actual tasks you have to do on a daily basis

Your ultimate goal is like building a house. You may have various intermediate goals, and all of them need to come together in order to give you what you want. However, you need to remember two things: Firstly, a house is built brick by brick. One after the other, they gradually but systematically combine to shape the walls of your house. Secondly, the sequence is crucial. if you start doing the wiring before you laid the foundations, it isn’t going to work. Decide what are the exact small daily steps you need to execute in order to bring you closer and closer to your next intermediate goal.

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