5 reasons why clarity is the mother of success

For most people, clarity never happens. They just get an idea, jump in, and they work their backsides off. Needless to say, most of them fail. Because when it comes to goal setting, clarity is the mother of success

And here’s why:

1. Clarity guides – because if you are totally clear about what you want to do, your clear goal will define your actions. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve, and what you do to get there, means that if you are ever unsure or face challenges, clarity will help you stay on track.

2. Clarity nurtures – because clarity brings it all together in your mind. It is a constant reminder not only about what you want to achieve, but also WHY you want to do it, and that you CAN do it. If you have a clear, sensible plan about your goal before you start, you will KNOW that you can do it. In that respect, clarity will nurture your goal.

3. Clarity protects your goal: Having clarity about the goal you set, and everything about it, means that you understand not only the what and the how, but it also clarifies the VALUE of that which you want to achieve. You don’t tackle a goal “just because”. You do it for a reason, and because you expect to benefit from it in some or other way. In many cases, there are numerous benefits to be experienced by achieving a goal.

4. Clarity motivates and encourages: When the going gets tough – and it should (otherwise you wouldn’t have needed to set the goal in the first place) – having clarity will help you to keep going. It will help you to keep everything in perspective if you ever start lagging, or if you feel like quitting.

5. Clarity exposes flaws in your plans – having clarity about what you want to do, and how, will quickly expose any weaknesses in your plan for tackling your goal. Once you know what exactly it is that you want to achieve, you will know what it’ll take to make it happen.

In conclusion:

It’s easy to just say “from tomorrow I’m going to the gym. I’m going to get fit and lose all of this unwanted weight.


Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. And it has been proven over and over again that those fool mostly fail.


If you REALLY want to achieve your goals, stop. Think. Sit down with a pen and paper.

Get clarity on what you want, how you will benefit from it, and craft a sensible plan you can stick to.

You’ll be glad you did.

Because at the end of the day, clarity of the mother of success.

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