What is YOUR Definition of Success?

The definition of success is totally dependent on the person who defines it. For you, it may or may not be about money. For the next person, it may be about recognition, and for the next person it may simply be about a lifestyle allowing more freedom. For yet another, seeing their children grow up to take their place in society is the ultimate success, while others aim for Spiritual growth.

In short, success is that which you ultimately aim for, and which you would consider to be the perfect combination of personal, professional and relationship success.


There are some things that connect all definitions of “success”

– regardless of who the person is that defines it:

(regardless of how big or small your dreams may be)

1. It is worth working for, and/or making sacrifices for.

2. What you aim for will, upon its achievement, allow you to be a more fulfilled person, and more at peace with yourself.

3. It will allow you the lifestyle – or way of life – that suits YOU.

4. In order for you to be able to make it happen, there are a series of other things that you need to accomplish first.
As such, it follows logically that, if you have any real intention of ever achieving your ultimate goal, you must have a set series of intermediate goals.

For instance:

Let’s say your idea of success is to start a business.

You need to…

a. Raise (save or borrow) the capital to start it up, including marketing it.

b. Raise running capital for as long as you expect to need it (until the venture becomes profitable).

c. Acquire the necessary skills to run the business (sorry, being a good mechanic doesn’t qualify you to own a workshop. You do need some basic business knowledge).

d. You need to free up the time it will require of you (even if it means resigning from your job), or otherwise you have to appoint someone who can run everything for you.

Or as another example:

Let’s say you are a mother, and you want your children to have the best lives possible.

What is YOUR Definition of Success? success goals goal setting failure #success #goalsYour definition of success hinges on the success of your child.

You need to…

1. Teach them good manners from an early age.

2. Encourage curiosity and creativity, especially during early years when many kids are brushed off for “asking too many silly, repetitive questions”.

3. You have to work at developing your child’s self esteem and self confidence.

4. You have to teach them a set of good values, BUT you also have to teach them to think for themselves (the latter can only be done from age 10 onward, because only then do they develop the ability to evaluate) – in order to reduce the probabilities of poor choices.

5. You have to help them find their path in life.

6. You have to give them all the help you can in order to be able to become whatever they can be. how much help you can give will obviously differ from one mother to the next.

7. You have to earn their trust, so that they will always be willing to turn to you for advice – regardless of whether they made a bad choice(s) or not.

While the definition of success and ultimate goal is different in each case…

In both of these cases, the ultimate goal is something big, something worth doing, and something worth making sacrifices for.

And in both cases, the achievement of the goal is reason for immense pride. While the lifestyle changes in the second example might not seem profound on the surface, the mother laid the foundation for an exceptional person to develop, while fostering a solid relationship that will last forever.


Ask yourself:

1. What is it you really, really want to do with your life?

2. Which steps will you need to accomplish in order to complete the journey?

3. What can you do every day that will bring you closer to your goal?

Of course, the answers to those questions are probably a lot more complex than the questions themselves may lead you to believe.


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