Sometimes struggling towards achieving your goal can reveal a better goal

We have all been there – albeit on different scales – where we need to take a detour in order to reach our goal. We need to do something else first before we can continue. Most of the time, we resent having to put in the extra effort, and/or losing the time required to complete the “detour”.

But maybe we are looking at it the wrong way...

Consider the following:

Firstly, if you need to take a detour – and “get something else in place”, or acquire a new capability before you can continue with your main goal, be grateful that it’s possible at all. For many people, the detour you have to take may not even be an option.

While it may require additional effort and time, it means that your end goal is still within your reach.

Secondly, what can you learn from it? What does the need for the detour tell you about yourself? What does it tell you about your goal? What does it tell you about your journey?

If you look at it objectively, you may be able to learn how to avoid having to take a similar detour in the future. Or you may find that you have in fact overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles just to be able to arrive at the point requiring the detour. It might tell you something about your planning, your methodology, and your mindset.

Fact: When anything goes wrong in life, ask yourself: What can I learn from this? Experience is a brutal teacher – so I suggest you listen when she speaks. Avoid repeat lessons where possible.


Sometimes the detour can reveal another, possibly better goal to strive for.

I recently tried to launch another online business venture, which, theoretically, should have been able to afford me the lifestyle I am aiming for – within a relatively short period of time. The only downside would be that it would require constant personal input from my end.

Sometimes the detour leads to a better destination - success goals - success and failure - goal settingThrough several ups and downs and bumps and knocks, I found that I lacked the capability to reach my target audience in sufficient numbers…

So I started a blog to attract them.

And then I started thinking…

Considering the amount of effort going into this new blog, would it be possible to do more with it than just use it as an advertising mechanism for the other venture?

I started looking at the options, and I was blown away. The potential for the new blog made the original project (which it should have promoted) look pale by comparison.

Yes, it will probably take longer to get it up to speed. After all, it is a brand new blog.

But the bottom line is this:

Having to take the detour – on order to reach my goal – revealed a much better destination.

Final thoughts:

I turned out that, even with me taking the detour, the other venture I started was doomed to fail (I simply lack the time and resources required to regularly create new products AND promote the business from scratch). I literally put the horse before the cart.

Now – if I didn’t take the detour, I would probably never have known about the potentially great journey ahead.

Not to mention the fact that all of my work on the other project would have been in vain. Now it isn’t. It was a stepping stone to something bigger – albeit unintentionally.

The best part – in my case – is this:

I have now already started on this journey (blog setup, combining content from older projects, setting up social platforms, etc.). A lot of the startup work has already been completed.

And it was all thanks to trying to make something else work. The fact that it was unsuccessful in making THAT project work, has now become a Blessing – because on its own, it holds much more potential (than as being a side hustle).

Not to mention that I was able to learn a number of things about the weaknesses in my planning. That is valuable information.


The next time you have to take a detour, or do something else first, in order to reach your goal…

Keep your eyes and mind open. You never know what you may learn and discover along the detour.