Are You Lazy? Maybe, but maybe not…

It’s easy to label someone else (or even yourself) as being lazy. But is it true? Maybe, maybe not. But even if it is, why is it so, and can you do something about it?

Firstly, there are – in my ill educated opinion – three basic reasons for laziness:

1. There is something wrong with you – physically.

It could be that you are burned out, it could be that you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, it could be that you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, etc. There can be a multitude of physical reasons why you simply don’t feel up to anything.

If this is the case, it is simply a matter of correctly diagnosing it, and getting it fixed. It could require medication, different eating habits, or maybe a different lifestyle in general. But it can usually be fixed.

2. It could be genetic.

According to the research which you can read here, laziness can be an inherent trait which you may have inherited. I won’t get into the mechanics – it’s a bit technical (or should I say clinical?) – but this one is much more difficult to fix.

If this is your challenge, I can suggest only one fix: Read the book on “mini habits”. It will make absolute sense, and it might just work – over time – to help you to overcome your challenge. Personally, I’m not sure – I have never had to deal with it – but if there is a way to overcome it, I’d say this is the most logical solution.

(unless they have already come up with a pill to fix it – which, at the time of writing this, have yet to learn about)

3. It’s in your mind.

If the cause is in your mind, there are two possible root problems:

a. Depression.

Being depressed makes you lazy – or at least, it causes uninformed people to label you as lazy. You get to a point where you feel you simply don’t have the will power to do anything. Severely depressed people get to a point where they stop taking care of themselves, and it even becomes too much hassle to comb their hair or brush their teeth.

While a person suffering from this isn’t really lazy, he or she may often be labeled as lazy by other people who fail to notice the reality of the situation.

Note: Sometimes depression is situational, and sometimes it is clinical. If it is clinical, you can either choose to consider medication, or you can refuse, and take the harder route out. But once you are aware of the problem you can choose to work at pushing it back. If it is situational, you can either get guidance, or start working on fixing the problem – even if you have to get help to do it.

Are you lazy? Maybe, or maybe not... It's a little more complex than that. Self improvement thoughts - success goals, goal settingb. You may simply have uninspiring goals.

Tony Robbins believes this to be the main cause of what most people label as laziness. And he has a valid point. If you feel there is nothing to be gained from improving yourself, or you feel it is unlikely that you will succeed, you are unlikely to do anything about it. In fact, most people simply accept life as it is, and accept that it will never change.

I have gone through a similar phase the past few years. I would start on a project, and if it didn’t get off the ground soon enough, I would simply let it go. Eventually I got to a point where I just didn’t know what would (or could) work any more, and I just sat like an oyster, waiting for the scraps of food (blog writing jobs) that came my way.

But once I got that sorted out, my whole outlook on life changed. The way I do things changed. And no, my life is not without challenges, or without obstacles standing in the way of my goals (and/or their timely completion). But now that I have the big picture in my mind, I can see myself steadily getting closer and closer to where I want to be – even though it’s still some way off.

(it’s a VERY big picture – anything less was uninspiring)

In conclusion:

Every time I find myself wavering, I look back on all I have accomplished thus far…

And every time I realize two things:

1. I am a lifetime away from where I was a year ago. Both in terms of mindset, and in terms of tasks (towards my goal) accomplished/completed.

2. I didn’t come this far to only come this far.

And yes, there are many people in town still referring to me as “lazy”.

But fortunately, their opinion isn’t my reality.

Don’t let other people’s opinions be your reality.

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