All the Answers You Want – About Your Life – are Already Inside Your Mind

Yes, it may seem like a bold statement. It may seem like an over-simplification. In fact, it may even sound far-fetched. But the reality is that you are more capable of answering your life questions than you could possibly imagine.

Note: This isn’t about (subject) knowledge, but about knowing which direction to take, or which decisions to make.

Let me explain…

As far is the direction of your life is concerned, and the goals you plan to achieve, you know more than anyone else. You may not consciously hold each thought, but it’s there.

The fact of the matter is that you have experienced your whole life, in more detail, than anyone else could possibly comprehend. You are the one who knows not only what your current situation and challenges are, but also what your particular perception of them are.

Most of all, you (even if only subconsciously) know how you feel about all of it, whether you harbor any fears or hidden desires, and how you currently feel about life.

You know YOU. Period.


From a life coaching point of view, your current starting point is “ground zero”. But “ground zero” looks and feels different for all of us. If you want to know just how unique, you may want click here to read this previous blog post about how unique you really are. It’s quite staggering.


Considering the fact that you know best how YOU feel, and how YOU came to be here, and which challenges YOU face, it stands to reason that YOU will be the best person to decide which step you will be able to take next, right?

Well, yes and no.

All the answers to your life's questions are already inside your mind - self improvement tips self improvement thoughtsAll of the answers you need can be derived from the information already inside your mind – but there is one little problem.

It’s called “emotion”.

Most of us have a problem being objective with ourselves. We tend to either be too negative, and see insurmountable barriers, or we are overly positive, completely in denial about our own shortcomings. In many cases, the barriers or obstacles we see are in fact mere smoke screens for the real issues.

That means that while you do have all the answers inside of your mind, you may not have access to truthful answers – because of yourself.

So – how do you gain access to these answers?

Well, you could take the long road like I did – and learn more and more about your own psyche and about human psychology. It’s a rewarding process, but it can take many years to progress to the point where you have some real, useful answers.

Or you could take the shortcut and hire a life coach.

A life coach won’t tell you what to do. He or she won’t give you any advice or mentoring.


They will ask questions from an objective point of view, which allows you to work through the smoke screens until you get to the real answers – at least as far as your life goals are concerned.

The mere fact that someone else is asking the questions, structured in such a way that it separates the factual and emotional responses, means that you will be able to – systematically – access all of the answers that are already inside your mind.

You do, in fact, have all the answers – about how to take the next step into the future, and craft a better life for yourself.

Unfortunately, you probably also have several “fake” answers. All you need is someone to help you spot the “fake” answers.

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