5 Powerful Ways To Escape Your Comfort Zone

A guest post by Eric S Burdon:

When I first started my journey to improve myself, I was the literal definition of shy and nervous. I spent a lot of time in my room on a computer. I shuddered at the idea of doing speeches let alone interacting with people. Overall my life was spent in silence, I hardly talked to anyone, not even to my parents.

However over a long and emotional journey, I did a complete 180 turn. It took a long time, but through this experience I was able to break out of that comfort zone. Furthermore to be comfortable with myself and be open to further positive change in my life. I want to share 5 ways I was able to escape my comfort zone and have the confidence to grow.

I Made Bold Steps

When I explain to a few people what I went through, most were amazed by what I was able to do. One of the biggest things I did early on was I went through a program called Katimavik. Essentially I traveled across Canada and lived in a house with 10 other people I never met before.

Even though I didn’t break out of my comfort zone at that point, the program set a foundation for me to grow further. But it also made me realize some times you do have to make a really big step in order to change yourself for the better. Especially in my case where I knew for some time that I wanted to change.

I Reached Out To People

One thing that I learned later in life was something called the power of association. Basically who you associate with determines a lot about yourself. From your personality, habits, way of thinking, and even income.

I was able to break out of my comfort zone slowly because I spent time with other people to some extent. The people I met were people who were genuinely interested in me and prompted me to talk and be comfortable with talking.

5 Powerful Ways To Escape Your Comfort Zone - success failure overcome challenges - a guest post by Eric S BurdonSelf Motivation Was My Friend

A lot of the actions that I took stemmed from self-motivation. I encouraged myself to get out there as opposed to relaying on others. But I was able to do this because deep down I had a reason to do it. I had a why.

I was motivating myself because in the end I couldn’t stand being a bag of nerves and not being able to stand for myself. A change had to happen no matter what.

I “Cornered” Myself

At the beginning though I wasn’t always self-motivating myself. There were times where I doubted myself. Even getting close to changing my decision. However in those cases I backed myself into a corner.

Not literally. But mentally yes. Only in cases where I knew the change would help me.

For example with Katimavik I got myself in the program and told myself that I have to go through the 9 months even if I didn’t like it. Of course you could leave the program whenever, but I told myself “If you want to change, you’ll stay in the program.”

In your life you may doubt yourself and that’s alright. Our brains are wired to protect us from anything bad or negative. It’s a defense mechanism. However we can bypass it, and even suppress it.

You Can Do This By Taking Risks And Learning From Mistakes

Even when I was shy I would tell the people I chatted with online that we as humans grow from negativity. It all depends on your perspective. For me, I see anything negative as a lesson for us to grow. Even if the situation sucks, the thing is is that it’s temporary.

Instead of dwelling on the event, focus on what you learned and how you can prevent that from happening again.

Of course the other part is taking risks. You need to take action. Mind you, you don’t need to take massive steps like myself at the beginning, but you do have to apply yourself. If you sit inside of your bubble and do nothing, nothing will ever happen to you.

It is only when you decide to move that your comfort zone begins to expand. Your mind expands as you are exposed to new things and have to respond to various things.

True Not All Things Are Great

But that’s part of life. In order to see a rainbow you need to have a little bit of rain. Just like if you want to grow and improve yourself you will have to leap, make mistakes, and learn from them.

To your growth!

A guest post by: Eric S Burdon

About the author:
Eric S Burdon is a writer, blogger, and youtuber who talks and writes about positivity, self improvement, and mindset. For more details on his journey, check out his blog: ericscottburdon.com and his Youtube channel: youtube.com/ercisburdon

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