Experience is a Brutal Teacher

There is no doubt that experience is a great teacher. In fact, I was taught from a very young age that “experience comes from making mistakes”. But… But then again, when you are a young adult, you start to think “who needs experience”? It teaches you in great detail – whether you want to learn … [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why People Stop Trying to Achieve their Goals

Failing at what you want to accomplish is one thing – but when you stop trying it’s something else altogether. But what makes people give up – irrespective of what they wanted to accomplish – and never try again? Firstly, there are some cases in which it becomes a physical impossibility. For instance – a … [Read more…]

10 Inspirational Success Tips from Oprah

Oprah has been an inspiration for many people from different backgrounds throughout her life. Born into poverty, and subjected to major setbacks before she even finished school, she rose to become (according to various assessments) the most influential woman on the planet – not to mention a multi-Billionaire. Oprah defines success as being the best … [Read more…]

How to Feel Better in 7 Minutes

No matter how bad you feel right now, it is possible to feel better in just 7 minutes. Depending on how you feel, you probably won’t feel like a million bucks, but you will feel better – and there is a psychological basis for it. First – the exercise: It’s known as the “7 minute … [Read more…]

My Lecturer was Right About this…

When I was still studying water treatment in my distant past, one of my lecturers made this statement on several occasions: “One day, your value as an employee or self-employed worker will be measured against your ability to be re-trained.” In other words, according to her vision, there would come a time when even jobs … [Read more…]

They say Take Massive Action – But is it Enough?

The self improvement gurus are quick to tell you to “take massive action”, but… Is it enough? More often than not, it isn’t. You see, there are many other pieces to the puzzle. Let me use a simple example: You want to start a coffee shop. You decide to take massive action… You go and … [Read more…]